What is Mediation?

Mediation is an informal, confidential process.

Online mediation service has always been available to a broad outreach through zoom conference.

The mediator is the neutral third party in the case who facilitates the mediation process for disputants seeking common ground and better understanding of their individual interests and needs.

A workable solution that disputants agree on is drafted into an Agreement.

The practice is specific to families and healthcare professionals planning and/or caring for dementia at home or facility based.
Co-mediation is available to assist mediations with dementia expertise.
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My methods of practice are grounded in listening to understand the dialog guided by keen focus on common needs, common values, common goals resulting through your shared decision-making during the mediation process.

Expertise integrated into the mediation process includes sensitivity to access, conflict in family structures from caring for Alzheimer's disease, the elder's perspective.

Mediating quality of care complaints for CMS Medicare beneficiaries has extended awareness of the elder's perspective on service delivery and the quality of their care.
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Online outreach encompasses mediation, dementia care management, facilitation, advocacy, training and mentoring.
Telehealth:Improving Dementia Care
Professional Care-Ecosystem

The Dementia ECHO
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Online expertise has evolved through higher education as adjunct graduate faculty for Grand Canyon University College of Nursing and Healthcare Professions

Online public service,from 2004-2014, as Dementia Expert for Carepathways, AskKaren was an online column for families worldwide to reach out about their caregiving and conflict concerns with dementia though an online public forum. The public service became a venue for long term care staff. The information validated what we know and what we need to know about dementia care stress and conflict within dementia care environments for action. Today, mediation is widely recognized as a trusted service option for family care and conflict issues. Demand for online mediation escalated due to Covid-19 and transitions have been seamless. Convenience of service supports client satisfaction.

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Mediation is different than other alternative dispute resolution processes in the following ways.


Negotiation involves opposing parties and a third party who is not neutral.


Arbitration uses a neutral third party who actually makes the decision on how to resolve the conflict.


Litigation involves a judge who makes the final decisions. Litigation is far more time consuming, expensive and it is not as confidential as mediation.

Mediation may be voluntary or court ordered.

When mediation is court ordered, disputants are simply ordered to show up for the mediation. From there, the process is voluntary.

In either case, mediation is confidential.

Advantages of Mediation

The mediation process has several advantages.

The main advantage is that the parties retain control over the process and decision(s) they choose to agree to.

outcomes fit the needs and interests of the opposing individuals.

According to Michigan Mediator Susan Butterwick, Esq. "because the outcomes also reflect the party's choices and priorities, in turn, there is a higher level of compliance (80-85%) with the written agreement than there is with court judgments which, is much lower."

is a big plus for mediation.

The Options
Mediation process has various platforms to access
Online: Zoom Conference
Private Appointments

Experts claim that the increasing globalization of business makes ZOOM conference the effective choice emphasizing access . This is equally true for families
made even more complex from physical barriers and/or distance caregiving.

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